December 31, 2020

Garden Moth Selection

During 2020 a total of 223 macro moth species found there way into my Kent garden, with a total of 5584 individuals counted and recorded. The three most numerous were Large Yellow Underwing (514), Heart & Dart (357) and Setaceous Hebrew Character (354), and there were 48 species I only recorded once. Some of the less-common Kent species seen were Dark Crimson Underwing, Rest Harrow, Plain Golden Y, the heathland specialists Narrow-winged Pug and True Lover's Knot, and both Dusky-lemon Sallow and Pale-lemon Sallow on the same night. Being able to photograph some of the more spectacular species was also a highlight; a few favourites were Large Emerald, Chocolate-tip and Waved Umber. A selection of photos from the year can be seen below:

Dark Crimson Underwing
Dark Crimson Underwing
Dusky-lemon Sallow and Pale-lemon Sallow
True Lover's Knot
Merveille du Jour
Waved Umber
Black Arches
Large Emerald
Elephant Hawk-moth
Rest Harrow
Webb's Wainscot
Small Ranunculus
Scalloped Oak
Centre-barred Sallow
Pale Prominent
The Sycamore
Broad-barred White
Rosy Footman
The Herald
Autumnal Rustic
Dot Moth
Privet Hawk-moth


  1. Some beauties and rarities there Alex and several I have never managed to get. Have a great 2021.

    1. Thanks Bob, lucky to be treated to some great moths. Likewise hope you have a happy and healthy year.